The Memorandum of Understanding, signed on May 24, 2022, between the Cassovia New Industry Cluster (CNIC) and Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia (DT ITSO SK) will contribute to the development of Košice as a center of innovation and digitization. Cooperation between scientific infrastructure and the private sector opens the door to direct support for creating new industry, which will help to increase the standard of living and GDP of the region of eastern Slovakia.

CNIC’s focus areas are close to our hearts as they intersect with our strategic direction. In addition to a permanent portfolio of ICT services, we have also focused on innovation to develop future products and services. Last year, we made a successful presentation using augmented reality in healthcare within the interactive-exposure therapy. We want to continue to invest in virtual and augmented reality and other innovative projects in the field of healthcare, environment or smart cities. We are looking forward to new projects and we believe that our cooperation will benefit the community,” said Andreas Truls from DT ITSO SK.

The growth of the region’s competitiveness is directly conditioned by technological innovation. The topic of further progress was mentioned several times during the signing of the memorandum. Its essence lies in placing and using the supercomputer technology in Košice, which would help to process data essential for their further analysis, among others, in CNIC centers.

Cooperation with advanced technology companies such as DT ITSO SK is very important for CNIC. Without such real and effective collaborations, the CNIC project would only be a basic science project, without any economic and social impact. Our partner DT ITSO SK has been active in our region for a long time and its activities have brought economic benefit to the region, and are also significant for the cooperation with our universities. I am therefore convinced that the signing of the memorandum between CNIC and Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia, which is an extraordinary honour for us, is not just a formal courtesy event, but has a deep meaning and will lead to results that will bring further economic and social development to our city and region,” said Prof. RNDr. Pavol Miškovský, DrSc., Chairman of the Board of Directors of CNIC, after signing the memorandum.

This is not the first joint activity of CNIC and DT ITSO SK. The cluster, as the coordinator of an international consortium, has launched the HUBs4US initiative together with Deutsche Telekom IT & Telecommunications, Health Cluster Portugal (PT), Tachyum (USA/SR), Charles University/BIOCEV (CZ) and PlusValue Cloud (IT), all being the leaders in integrating new technologies and scientific capacities determining the trends of the current 4th Industrial Revolution.