CNIC’s first collaboration with a Ukrainian Cluster

In an exciting development, the Cassovia New Industry Cluster has announced a partnership with the Cluster of Printing Industry, Publishers, and Digital Technologies “Printing: Logistics, Service, Quality” (KPI VCT) from Ukraine. This collaboration aims to foster cluster policy development and drive innovation through joint projects.


Facilitated by the European Union’s EU4Business initiative, which supports small and medium-sized enterprises in Eastern Partnership countries, the representatives of CNIC and KPI VCT first came together at the “Clusters meet Regions” conference.


The signed memorandum sets forth several ambitious goals, including the establishment of a mutually beneficial partnership in the fields of science and technology, with a specific focus on private enterprises. The collaboration seeks to facilitate the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and contacts between the clusters, thereby enhancing their competitiveness and identifying potential investment opportunities.


KPI VCT, an association of publishing and printing organizations, is dedicated to enhancing the competitiveness of their products, expanding their export capabilities, and promoting economic growth within the region. Under the leadership of Natalya Isaeva, the cluster’s director, a delegation from KPI VCT was warmly received by CNIC’s board member, Roman Oros, and its financial manager, Mária Ház.


This partnership between CNIC and KPI VCT signifies a significant step towards fostering cross-border collaboration and driving innovation within the industry. By combining their expertise and resources, these clusters aim to create a thriving environment for technological advancements, benefiting both Slovakia and Ukraine’s business landscapes.