Cassovia New Industry Cluster hosted delegates of the Knowledge Sharing Program and Korea Development Institute think tank together with Michal Mühl and Vladimír Borza from the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency and Frederik Mudri from the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

Experts from the leading Korea Development Institute think tank offered shared their experience with the successful development of less developed regions in the Republic of Korea and provided consultations on the creation of knowledge economy in the country. Since 1971, KDI has made significant contribution to the economic and social development of Korea, providing policy recommendations and guidelines based on in-depth analyses of international and domestic economic conditions and projections, and conducting preventive and empirical studies.

CNIC representatives presented the goals, intentions, and fundamental principles of the cluster, which will influence the future form of both the city of Košice and the entire East Slovak region. The meeting attendees outlined the areas of common interests, with the collaboration offer from KDI being able to significantly contribute to the successful establishment of CNIC beyond the Slovak environment.