The company AGEL SK, the Cassovia New Industry Cluster, and the AGEL Educational, Scientific, and Research Institute have signed a Framework Agreement on Mutual Cooperation

The aim of this collaboration is to improve the quality of education and research, with an emphasis on the latest scientific knowledge. The parties to the agreement have agreed on a joint approach to linking theory and practice in the scientific, research, and educational fields. The ceremonial signing of the agreement took place on June 23, 2023, at the AGEL Košice-Šaca Hospital.


According to the agreement, students and employees of CNIC will collaborate on professional activities related to the operations of AGEL healthcare facilities and the Institute. The intention of the agreement is to create a framework for the shared interests of both parties. This includes active cooperation between AGEL, associated companies of the AGEL group, and the Institute on one side, and CNIC on the other side. The contractual parties will also focus on utilizing research and science to address current and future challenges, improving professional activities, and meeting the needs of both sides.


“We perceive AGEL SK’s membership as a full partner in the Cassovia New Industry Cluster association as a necessary and highly responsible step towards the necessary integration of science, research, and medicine. This integration will benefit all scientific workers and subsequently the partners by utilizing mutual knowledge and technologies since the results of fundamental and applied research represent a real foundation for their subsequent implementation in various areas of life. Medicine is a shining example of an industry that consistently benefits from materials technologies as well as research results on biocompatible biomaterials. Similarly, this opens up opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate studies for healthcare professionals in technical disciplines and, conversely, targeted training for technical industry workers for the needs of medicine. We see CNIC as an enormous scientific achievement of academic institutions in eastern Slovakia, which not only raises visibility and clearly defines opportunities for science, research, and innovation but also believe that it will be a positive and desired attraction not only for university students but also a dignified and sought-after workplace for university educators in all scientific disciplines. Therefore, our proper membership is a matter of course,” said MUDr. Jozef Pribula, PhD., MBA, Medical Director for Internal Medicine Departments of AGEL SK, a.s., who is also the Director of the AGEL Educational, Scientific, and Research Institute, n.o.


“Our partners, including AGEL SK a.s. as of today, are concerned about a sustainable future for all of us, with science and research being an integral part of it. We plan to collaborate not only on project-level or the transfer of new technologies and implementation of progressive treatment procedures but also in the areas of healthcare personnel education and joint industrial doctorate programs,” stated Prof. RNDr. Pavol Miškovský, DrSc., Chairman of the Board of CNIC.