Representatives of Cassovia New Industry Cluster (CNIC) and Siemens Healthineers Slovakia signed a Memorandum of Understanding today. The cooperation will contribute to the faster introduction of innovations in the East Slovak region. The partnership of scientific research environment and business potential aims to achieve common goals in the areas from cybersecurity, through biomedical technologies to minimally invasive surgery.

CNIC, as one of the most important Slovak innovation projects comprised of partners from the private and public sector, can together with Siemens Healthineers Slovakia positively affect further development of Košice and the entire region of East Slovakia, with an impact on the country as a whole.

Setting up cooperation with the innovation center based on a memorandum is a great first step, since we share common values and activities with CNIC, whether in the field of biomedical technologies, cybersecurity, or research and IT innovations. Our company is a software leader which has been creating a modern base for the creation of innovative high-tech solutions in the field of healthcare for a long time. We believe in technological progress in medical diagnostics and consider it essential for the proper functioning of society and the quality of life of its patients and residents,” said Ing. Luboš Iro, head of the Development Center at Siemens Healthineers Slovakia, which employs more than 500 experts in IT and offers potential for further growth of work teams in the coming period.

Cooperation between partners will take place in areas such as cybersecurity or biomedical technologies with a focus on specific areas of nanomedicine, protein engineering, aging or progressive technologies aimed at environmental analysis and protection. Further areas of common interest include translational medicine and its applicability in tissue regeneration, sports medicine, healthy aging, intelligent rehabilitation, personalized medicine, or biomedical engineering.

Real and effective cooperation with strong industrial partners, which Siemens Healthineers undoubtedly is, is of fundamental importance for the achievement of our ambitious common goals – significant economic and social development of the East Slovak region. Siemens Healthineers is a long-standing partner of our universities and I am convinced that by signing this memorandum we will advance our cooperation even further in the areas of participation in projects in applied science and joint economic activities,“added the Chairman of the CNIC Board, prof. RNDr. Pavol Miškovský, DrSc.

Collaboration between CNIC and Siemens Healthineers Slovakia consists in development and support of programs and scientific cooperation, sharing of scientific and commercial experience and know-how, new technologies or commercial use of scientific knowledge and intellectual property.

Exchange of technological infrastructure and knowledge will support the growth of competitiveness and standard of living of eastern Slovakia by means of establishment and development of new industry forms that are directly embedded in the scientific centers of CNIC.

The TV report from signing of the Memorandum of Understanding can be found HERE