Collaboration with CNIC is the right step towards developing your innovative and economic potential. Our partners include not only renowned international and domestic companies, but also emerging start-ups. In addition to high-quality scientific infrastructure, our scientists provide CNIC's industrial partners with expertise and consultations in specific areas of material research, technological development, but also improvement of production processes.

We offer partnerships on RDI projects, which gives us and our partners the possibility of joint access to public resources (within the Horizon Europe scheme and other grants) for technological and product innovations in the following fields:

Bioengineering a Personalised Medicine
Companies collaborating with CNIC
  • do not have to make capital investments to purchase equipment and devices
  • do not have to search for and employ expert personnel for their innovation programs
  • can activate intangible assets for R&D and claim a tax super-deduction

CNIC offers its know-how in application of state aid for commercial sector in accordance with the EU legislation, as well as tax/economic/legal advisory services and expert personnel.

Our partners include:

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